Sleep appliance

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Patient Screening

Screen patients for sleep apnea, either in office or by email with our seamless digital screening questionnaire. With estimates of over 25% of adults suffering from a form of sleep apnea, you can provide your patients with the care they need.

Order Sleep Study

Order a sleep study that is delivered right to the patient’s home. No purchasing equipment or worrying about returns. Includes diagnosis and interpretation from a medical sleep specialist.

Track Patient Progress

Wondering where that patient is at that you screened, sent for a sleep study, or recommended treatment? Effortlessly track what stage the patient is at in the treatment process. Sort patients by progress stages: screening, sleep study, consult, appliance order.


Grow Your Practice

Sleep appliance patient management portal

As a cloud-based software you or support staff can keep track of your patients and check up on them from anywhere at any time.

With more than 25% of your patients potentially suffering from sleep apnea, you can grow your practice by identifying and providing life-changing treatment to them. This new revenue stream can significantly increase your practice value.